Wednesday, January 23, 2008

FREE Needle Felted Eyeballs Tutorial

Hi Needle Felters!

Got another FREE felting tutorial for ya. This one is from Regina Rioux Gonzalez of . I must give my friend Linda Walsh of The Best Free Craft Articles Blog credit for this one. I first saw it on her wonderful blog and got hers and Regina's permission to share it with all of you on my blog. You can visit Linda's blog here: . Her blog is just Super!!!

This FREE tutorial is called: Needle Felting LadyLinoleum Style. You can find the complete instructions with pictures on her blog here:

I think wool is such a fabby medium to work with. So much diversity can be obtained with wool as our art medium. So many Wonderful items can be created with it.

Regina starts with a small puff of wool:

And ends up with these cool monster eyes!!!

You can visit Regina's website here: and her Blog here:

Let Regina know how much you liked her tutorial and that you found her thru Needle Felting Fans Blog!!!

Have Fun needle felting! :-)


ingermaaike said...

Very fun blog you have. It positively sparkles with enthousiasm! Love Inger. said...

Hi there Inger! Thanks for your compliments! Feel free to visit anytime! You are always Welcome Inger!!!