Sunday, February 3, 2008

My First Scarf!

Hello Friends,

I participated in a monthly felting challenge at The Felting Forum and also took a Seaweed Scarf class there with Carlen Lesley. So I wanted to share my results. This is my scarf made in Carlen's class, which I submitted to the challenge.

I didn't have anyone here at the time to take my picture with my scarf, so Mr Mummy, from our Halloween decor, modeled it for me. Not so sure he really liked it though!!! Ha! Ha!
Please disregard the date stamped on the pics. I don't know how to change or remove the date stamp.
I would highly recommend you check out The Felting Forum. They have wonderful online classes, whereby very talented artists, teach and share their knowledge and techniques with their students. Barby is also an instructor there. It's a wonderful place to learn all kinds of felting!!!
Till next time,
Happy Felting!!!

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