Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Felted Soap!!!

Hello Needle Felters!

I found another FREE felting tutorial for us. Amy and Andrea Mielke of has put together a Wonderful tutorial for felting SOAP!

Who ever heard of felted soap??? Well when I heard about it, I had to go check it out. Well what I discovered is that felted soap makes a great scrubby, loofah and washcloth with soap all in one.

Granted this is actually wet felting, still it is a Very Cool Idea!!! So here's the link to the tutorial:

Amy and Andrea have great pictures showing step by step how to do it. Starting with all your supplies, your wool and bar of soap:

You will end up with this:

Amy and Andrea gave me permission to share this with you. Thank-you Amy and Andrea!!!

You can visit their website and learn even more about felting here:

In browsing their website you will notice that they carry everything we need for felting; needles, wool, books, classes, etc. Please visit them and let them know you found them thru or .

I sure wish I lived closer to them so that I could take one of their classes. I haven't found any classes in my area, but it would be so nice to be able to attend a class and participate in person, learning this craft. Amy and Andrea are in Wisconsin and I am in Alabama. BooHoo!

But if any of you Wonderfully Kind Thoughtful Generous folks out there in cyber world would like to sponser me for a trip to Wisconsin to attend one of their classes, just let me know!!! :-)

Hope you enjoy this FREE felting tutorial. I would love to see pictures of your felted soap. I'm going to make some and will post my felted soap here on my blog, so check back for that update!


Linda said...

Hi, Linda:

Loved the felted soap tutorial. They're soooo cute. I may just have to try felting some myself.

Linda said...

Ohhhhh.....I would love to see them. I thought it was such a neat idea. Felted Soap! I've got some small hotel soaps I'm going to try it with first and see how they come out. :-)