Friday, January 4, 2008

Playing in the Snow

My son Ralph is in the middle back row with his 4 cousins at Snowhill in Genoa, Illinois

Hello my Friends,

Just had to share some photos of my family. My brother Patrick lives in Dekalb, Illinois with his family of 4 boys. My son Ralph went up to visit them for New Years for a whole week. He will be coming home this Sunday. (Please pray for his safe return home. Thank-you!)
They sent me some pictures of them having a ball on Snowhill in Genoa, Illinois. We live in SE Alabama and don't get snow, so this was a new experience for my son. Hope you enjoy them.

My Handsome Son Ralph
Beautiful Nature Trail

Coming back up SnowHill
My nephew, Patrick

Ralph and nephew Brandon going for a sled ride.

OMG they are in the air!!!

My twin nephews Dylon and Talon. Aren't they cute!

My Nephew Brandon. I think he had his Dad take this picture to send to all his female admirers!!! :-)

My Daughter Beth with her new car. She wouldn't go with Ralph to Illinois because she hates cold weather.

I agree with my daughter, I'm staying in Alabama and will visit my brother's family in the summer!!!

I'm glad they all are having a grand time. :-)

Wishing all of you a safe winter. Stay indoors, keep warm and remember to protect your outdoor pets and plants.

Warm Hugs,


Niki said...

Great pictures.!
Glad you gave me your link now I can bug you more LOL. Maybe I can learn a little about YOUR hobbies :) HUGS. Oh ya, did you get my pic for the topper? I attached it. Not sure. Thanks Linda. said...

Bug me all you want to. I love it!!!
Linda :-)

Katy said...

Beautiful pics! You have a beautiful family! :) Thanks sooo much for your incredibly thoughtful comments on my blog! You really put a smile on my face.

Are you familiar with HTML coding at all? For you to change your would have to understand that a bit. Also...if you go to my blog and under the CATEGORIES on the left....go to "bloggy info" There will be a post under that category that has a link on how to do the 3 columns and there is tons more on that site...however...without knowledge of may confuse you! So, i hope you know the coding! If not....i know that many people pay for their blog templates. I am so sorry...i am not much help i suppose. if there is anything you need..let me know and i will try and help as much as possible! :)

Katy said...

You did it!!! Great job!!! It looks fantastic!!! :) said...

Thank-you Katy! I'm so excited about my new look. I appreciate your help dear friend.