Friday, January 11, 2008

Spiders For Sale

Hello Friends,

No it's not Halloween....yet! But I am selling Spiders! Want some? I've got giant hairy ones and itsy bitsy spiders. Better hurry up and send in your order before they're all sold!!! ;-)

And if you believe that....I've got ocean front property in Arizona that I'll sell you as well. Hee! Hee!

Ok so what's this about? you ask....

Well we have had torrential downpours here in SE Alabama and the spiders have come out of the trees, bushes, sky, (wherever they come from) and have decided to take up residence in my home.

Oh my, Oh my, I've been wringing my hands and spraying spider spray till I'm about to colapse for lack of fresh air. Whew!!! Called hubby at work, and cried 'Help, we've been invaded!

Well Thank Gooodness for my wonderful hubby who rescued his damsel in distress and sent in the army with heavy artillery (Cook's Pest Control :-)

I'm telling you I was ready to evacuate! I don't mind spiders outside minding their own business, but I don't want them in my house! I guess it was all the rain we've had, but I just know we've never had this happen before. They came with all their relatives, friends, and aquaintances too. I've been freaking out!

Well Cook's fumigated the house and put down what they call 'spider traps' (they looked like glue boards to me) and said we had to stay out of the house for a few hours. I said "No problem. We'll stay out till tomorrow." We've got a place up at the lake about an hours drive away, so that's where we are now as I write this. Sure hope when we go back home the spiders will be back outside where they belong.

In the meantime ..... Want some Spiders??? Just let me know and I'll send them right over. :-0 LOL!!!

Have any of you ever experienced anything like this before?


Niki said...

I'd love some spiders!!! LOL
Hey girl, I owe you BIG time...for all the help on my blog and such. Email me your home addy, I got a goodie or 2, or 3 to send to ya ;) NIKI
have a blessed day.

Neenee said...

OMG I would have been totally freaking out - so I'll have to pass on purchasing any of your hairy scary spidies. No thank you!

Hope they are all evacuated now and may they all rest in peace.....anywhere but here!!! said...

Niki and Neenee,
The spidies are all gone, I'm happy to report. Hope they all stay outside from now on. :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Have a great day,
Linda :-)